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Schematics editor

In the year 2012 I spent some time working on a plain schematics editor. It should be a light-weight, nice easy to use tool, compatible with the much more powerful gschem editor of the gEDA project. My editor is written from scratch in Ruby language, using GTK GUI toolkit and Cairo for rendering. Currently the program is in an early stage, but some basic operations may work:

picture of PetEd

The program is absolutely useless in it current state, but if you really want to try it out: Extract the archive, cd in that directory and type 'ruby peted.rb test.sch'. It opens a window with a test schematic. The display shows some dirt when you move objects, this is because bounding box calculations is not precise currently. And some objects are drawn wrong or not at all. So there is still some work to do. Should be not too difficult, but I am not sure if I will really continue this project. It was mainly a proof of concept, gschem really works not to bad, and since a few months there is these new Wedana project, which uses HTML5 to allow working on schematics in a Browser.

Update Januar 2014

Seems that there is no more activity for that Wedana project, and gEDA/gschem development is not very fast. So I just converted my tool to GTK3 -- works fine with Ruby 2.0. Maybe I will find some time to continue work...